Staff Service Excellence Award


1 Düsseldorf International Airport

2 Zurich Airport

3 Copenhagen Airport

"Introduced into our 2009 Survey for the first time, the Staff Service Excellence Award is greatly coveted by airports, because it is a unique recognition of the hard work put in by their customer facing, front-line staff" said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax.

"Staff Service Excellence Awards are voted for by airport customers, and allow these users to have a real impact in deciding which airport's front-line staff deserve special recognition. The Staff Service Excellence awards encompass all the potential service touchpoints through the airport experience - this might be security or immigration procedures, service in a shop or food outlet, or staff cleaning the washrooms. These are all people related aspects of service, where in reality it costs nothing extra for staff to be helpful, polite and friendly ... and yet as our survey results highlight, some airports deliver much higher standards than others in this area. In seeking to maximise customer satisfaction and encourage passengers to want to use an airport again, the Quality of front line service is critical. It is the quality of service experience that has the greatest impact on post-travel assessment of an airport, and why we place such importance on this element" added Plaisted.